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"The Love We Have Shared" by Martha Reich
Sumi ink and gouache

"John Muir Quote" by Martha Reich

"The World Speaks To Me" by Martha Reich
Gouache and watercolor

"Snail's Pace" by Martha Reich
Gouache and watercolor

"Love" by Carlene Fulton
Medium: paste paper & gouache

"Eternal Souls" by Carlene Fulton
Medium: acrylic inks & gouache

"To Love..." by Ann Thompson
Medium: ink, paste paper

"Friendship" by Sharen Delaune-Rensen
Medium: rubber stamps and ink

"Nature" by Anne Johnston
Medium: gouache & colored pencil

"Faith" by Elizabeth Mullin
Medium: watercolors, gouache,
tissue paper and metallic pens

"Janis, you rock!" by Elizabeth Mullin
Medium: watercolors & gouache

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