“Calligraphy is the most intimate, private, and spontaneous expressive means. Like a fingerprint or voice, it is unique with every person”

— Hermann Zapf

Membership Benefits Include:

Only members in good standing are eligible to participate in Pacific Scribes workshops. Note, members also pay a fee to participate in each workshop.

Generally published two or three time a year, the newsletter includes information regarding upcoming activities and exhibits; workshop reports; class listings; book reviews; member profiles; and discussions regarding tools and materials. Newsletters are usually printed and mailed, but occasionally we will published an issue online. Members outside of the U.S. will not be mailed the newsletter, but will be sent a link to view and/or download the newsletter from the guild’s website.

Find pertinent member-only information as well as past and current issues of P.S., our newsletter.

The Directory is printed one time per year and mailed to members. Members who join or renew by July 1 are included in the printed directory. Periodic updates are emailed or posted with the newsletters. Members have the option to request their contact information be withheld from the Directory. Directory information is solely for the personal use of members—is not for sale—and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Pacific Scribes offers an option to list your calligraphic free-lance skills and the workshops and classes your teach in the Directory and on the website’s find-a-calligrapher page.

You may choose to exhibit original artwork on our website gallery page as well as at local calligraphy exhibitions which the guild organizes occassionally.

Pacific Scribes members are invited to participate, at no additional cost, in informal independent study groups that meet monthly. Together, the group chooses the projects on which they will work.

Our meetings and workshops are held online via Zoom or at various community facilities in the San Jose, California area. For specifics, see Upcoming (make a link). Non-members are very welcome to attend general meetings (aka Community Gatherings). We look forward to seeing you and invite you to join and take part in our many activities.

Three Membership Levels:


$35 – Individual Membership

$40 – Family Membership (covers all persons at one address).

$55 – Sustaining Membership (same as the two above plus a contribution to Pacific Scribes. The amount contributed over the individual or family membership is tax deductible).

Make a Contribution — If you wish to make a separate PayPal payment or contribution, in any amount, to Pacific Scribes, visit https://paypal.me/pacificscribes.

Become a Member of Pacific Scribes

Our membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Memberships are not prorated.

Except as set forth below, all memberships are retroactive to the beginning of the membership year in which they are received. However, anyone submitting a new application or renewal and related dues after April 30 but before June 30 will be required to elect one of the following options:

A) Membership for the current membership year, entitling the member to benefits offered to current year members such as the current year publications and the opportunity to register for any workshop being held between May 1 and June 30 of the current membership year, or

B) Membership for the fiscal year entitles members to benefits offered to that year such as copies of publications and the opportunity to register for workshops. Members outside of the U.S. will receive publications via a link to the website rather than in hard copy by mail.

Any exception to the above will be at the discretion of the Pacific Scribes Board and will be final.

Membership Application or Renewal Form:

Complete the online form below OR mail our “fillable” membership form and a personal check to the address on the form. If you cannot open the PDF, download Adobe Reader.