Pacific Scribes sponsors one or more exhibits of our members’ artwork each year. To ensure your artwork can be protected and hung safely and securely, the following framing guidelines have been developed. Compliance is mandatory; improper framing can be grounds for rejection.

When delivered, all artwork must be:

  • Dry and framed, ready to hang.
  • Frames must be in good condition, with secure, sturdy corners and edges.
  • Covered with glass or Plexiglass. Plexiglass is strongly recommended for pieces over 20″ x 24″.
  • Securely wired to frames with screw eyes or D-rings on wooden frames and appropriate fittings to attach wire on metal frames.

Design Considerations

  • In general, artwork looks best surrounded by a large white or neutral-colored mat.
  • A 3″ – 4″ wide mat will accentuate an artwork from 10″ x 12″ up to 24″ x 30″ inches.
  • Proportionally, very small artwork can use 1″ – 2″ mats, but avoid very narrow mats that minimize your work.
  • The second mat (as in a double matting) usually shows 1/4″– 1/8″ (or 1/2″– 3/4″ when using tone on tone).
  • The mat opening must overlap the artwork by at least 1/8″ (1/4″ is better).
  • Framing should enhance, not compete with, the artwork.

The following will be cause for rejection:

  • Floating plastic or glass frames with clips
  • Any other type of framing considered unsafe by our Exhibits Committee.

Prohibited Mountings

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